Little Girl Big Dream Masterclass

Little Girl Big Dream was developed three years ago by  Sarah Liu as a platform to connect and develop professional young women through their Dream Collective membership program consisting of a range of leadership training, professional development events, conferences and mentoring sessions with a focus on marketing, entrepreneurship and corporate leadership.

Melbourne Darling featured a ‘Spotlight On’ article on Sarah Liu for her dedication to encourage and motivate young business women to dream big and take action to follow and fulfil them.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Little Girl Big Dream Melbourne Master Class. The Master Class was a half day workshop focusing on professional development, networking and mentoring, facilitated by two very special guest speakers, industry experts Alexie O’Brien, former General Manager of Lululemon Athletics Australia and New Zealand and Juliana Nguyen, Marketing Director of Nike Pacific. I found the Master Class to be a stand out because the group was limited to a small number which allowed for attendees to meet and listen to two prominent, experienced and extremely knowledgeable business women in an intimate and comfortable setting for personalised attention. Despite differences across everyone’s individual work-life situations, career points and industries, the Master Class encouraged in-depth discussions for sharing career and work challenges and receiving thoughtful advice and guidance in return.

Little Girl Big Dream Melbourne Master Class

Little Girl Big Dream Melbourne Master Class

I sincerely respected the two special guest speakers for having the honesty and openness to strip back their stories and share personal recounts of their lives and their own personal successes and challenges. It was very humbling to hear how they began, who influenced them along the way and essentially how their values allowed them to find direction in their dreams and set out to achieve their career success.

Not only was I inspired by Sarah Liu, Juliana and Alexie but also the group of women that attended the Master Class were all so inspiring in their own way. It was wonderful to meet and be surrounded by so many talented individuals. The Little Girl Big Dream Master Class provided invaluable advice and career guidance, newfound inspiration and the opportunity to get to know and connect with a group of remarkable young women.

Little Girl Big Dream is an excellent source for young professional women seeking guidance, mentoring, inspiration or networking opportunities. For more information on Little Girl Big Dream, the Dream Collective Membership program and upcoming events visit


Disclaimer: Melbourne Darling was invited to attend the Little Girl Big Dream Melbourne Master Class as a guest. The opinions shared in this article are based completely on my own honest and personal views, thoughts and experiences.

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