The Lindy Charm School Vintage Styling Workshop – Review and tips for attending!

A wonderful Vintage Styling workshop that gets girls back to class!

Practising hairstyles during The Lindy Charm School for Girls Class

Practising hairstyles during The Lindy Charm School for Girls Class

For every girl who is inspired and influenced by the likes of Miley CyrusKesha and Kim Kardashian, it is reassuring to know that there are, dare I say, just as many young girls and women who instead, are inspired by the old world glamour and elegance of the likes of Audrey HepburnGrace Kelly and Veronica Lake.

The Lindy Charm School for Girls offers vintage styling workshops, covering make-up, hair, clothing and etiquette tips to help you achieve old-school glamour. These workshops provide simply fabulous, insightful and hands-on lessons in perfecting your vintage inspired looks and reviving the beauty, fashion and charm of women as they lived in decades gone by.

I attended a day of workshops in Melbourne, which included two classes, the Introductory Workshop and the Intermediate Vintage Hairstyling Workshop.  You could attend either just the first 3 hour class for $85 or just attend the 2 hour second class for $100 per person. Alternatively, you could stay for the whole day at a price of $150 for both classes, which was the option I went for. The workshop I attended was held in an exclusive room at the Shopping Town Hotel in Doncaster (opposite Westfield Shoppingtown). The room was set up with tables arranged in a big ‘U’ shape set up like a class room, where each place was set up with a ‘Workshop Manual’ booklet, a pen and a flower clip. The Workshop Manual was great, as not only did it allow you to jot down notes throughout the class, but it provided you with extra instructions and tips to take away with you and help you brush up on your vintage styling lesson at home.


All set up and ready for the workshops!

In addition to what is provided, it is suggested to bring the following items to the workshops:

  • Your own make up, particularly mascara, eye liner, foundation, blush and lipstick
  • Hairbrush
  • Comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Stand Up Makeup Mirror
  • Hairspray
  • Curling tools (eg. hot rollers or curling irons – optional but recommended)
  • 2 Slide Combs (matching your hair color)

Additional items I would also recommend bringing:

  • Eye makeup remover wipes or pads – Definitely came in handy when practising the notorious winged liner.
  • Bring as much make up as you are comfortable to use. I like to have a variety of make-up to choose from and I found it beneficial to use my own products while learning Headmistress Chrissy’s techniques as I found it easier to go home and recreate the looks using the same products. However, if you don’t own or plan on owning too much make up, it is also perfectly fine to jsut bring what you have, in fact, it is encouraged by Headmistress Chrissy to keep makeup simple, revealing she only regularly uses a handful of make up products herself!
  • Make up brushes
  • Liquid Eyeliner (the best type for applying the winged liner look)
  • Brown eyeliner or eyebrow powder / pencil (for creating a lovely set of shapely brows!)
  • Pink blush
  • Red lipstick
  • Lipliner
  • A stand up make up mirror with lights – If you have one, it would have made a big difference in the room we used as the lighting in the room was terrible (however this was at Shoppingtown Hotel and workshop venues do change).

If you would like to purchase heat curlers /rollers, Headmistress Chrissy recommended these cheap but efficient Remington travel size rollers. Keep in mind this set only comes with 10 rollers, so you would need to buy at least two sets to curl a full head of medium to long length hair. I also saw someone using these Remington Silk + Ceramic Heated Clips and Rollers that worked a treat.

In my experience, I originally went out to buy hot rollers like the ones mentioned above but ended up buying a Muk Curling Stick. This was my personal preference. I liked the fact it comes with three interchangeable heads to allow you to create different sized curls and I find it easier and quicker to use this curl stick than the rollers. To use the Muk Curling Stick (or a curling wand) to create the same effect as rollers, you want to curl the sections of your hair as you would with rollers (as Headmistress Chrissy instructs) and then use pin curl clips to secure the curl in a loop, in place until the hair cools down and sets. Use the links provided in this article to view the products, but for the cheapest deal, I suggest you visit your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse, Price Attack or Priceline store. It is of course, personal preference as to which method or curling you prefer, and the lovely Chrissy and her helpers are skilled at assisting you to create wonderful curls which whatever curling tool you have available to bring along on the day.

If you do forget anything, there are some lovely items for sale including a fantastic ‘Essential Hair Care Kit’, a range of make up, a basic yet effective hair setting solution, also known as The Lindy Charm School “Rocket Fuel” in addition to various different clips and hair accessories specifically designed to create the vintage looks. I found their Hair Setting Spray to the be best I have used so far, because the simple and gentle yet effective ingredients add strong hold to your perfect vintage hairstyles, but it also easily brushes out, allowing you to re-style easily without leaving your hair in a sticky, crunchy mess. Other items on sale included dolly pegs, hairstyling sponges, pin curl clips, snoods, do-rags, panty hose, vintage sunglasses and adorable felt hats (also all available for purchase on The Lindy Charm School for Girls website).

The classes are run by Headmistress Chrissy, vintage styling extroadinaire (and who was Melbourne Darling’s Muse of the Month in November).  The Introductory workshop is a 3 hour course covering vintage make-up and hairstyles through the 1920’s-1960’s. It also briefly covers vintage fashion and the importance of undergarments with some fascinating insights into the history of some of the most popular beauty and fashion items, and how they were originally used.

The class started with Headmistress Chrissy introducing herself and her knowledgeable and friendly helpers Miss Sammy and Miss Kelly. To commence the class, all attendees were asked to stand and recite  The Lindy Charm School Oath. This included the pledge ‘Thou Shalt Endeavour To Always Wear Red Lipstick’ and my personal favourite, to promise ‘Never To Wear Socks with Heels!’ (That’s an F grade for you Alexa Chung!) the Introductory course went through the importance of good posture and undergarments  (where one cannot fully appreciate the magic of a corset until you have seen one demonstrated!). Chrissy followed on to explain the importance of tailoring and how to wear vintage clothing. The make-up tutorial was next, with the class voting on the type of decade inspired look they would like to learn. We went with a 1950’s look but  Chrissy also pointed out tips to change the look to suit different decades along the way.

The beauty of this class (pardon the pun) is that it was perfectly suited for both complete beginners as well as those who are a little more skilled in make-up application and hair. There was an abundance of knowledge shared, along with clever little beauty secrets and historical insights into vintage styling (you will never guess what product Marilyn Monroe used to attain her flawless and dewy skin!) Everyone in the class was free to follow the steps at their own pace while Headmistress Chrissy and her wonderful helpers were always more than welcome to assist those who asked for a little extra help with particular techniques.  We learnt everything from correct blush application to perfecting the perfect pout and mastering the winged eyeliner look. Keep in mind this is not a comprehensive and complete make up application class, but what you will learn is how to apply modern day make up with the tips and tricks to help you recreate vintage inspired looks.

Following on from make up was hair, as we were talked through setting curls in our own hair. While Chrissy and her assistants were happy to lend a helping help, it was great that the workshop was so hands on, so everyone was encouraged to try the techniques themselves, which was the most beneficial for everyone to be able to recreate the techniques themselves at home. After our hair was set, we learnt how to style our hair with pin curls into cascading, soft, ‘Veronica Lake’ style curls.

Miss Sammy demonstrating how to create a1940's hairstyle

Miss Sammy demonstrating how to create a1940′s hairstyle

After an hour break, it was back for the second class, the Intermediate Vintage Hairstyling Workshop. Using the set of curls we had created to style into pincurls, this workshop was used to demonstrate how you could use the same set of curls to recreate a variety of different hairstyles throughout the decades from the 1920’s to 1960’s. The transformation between such different looks was amazing! We learnt how to create a variety of styles from a Bettie Page fake fringe, victory rolls, Bridgitte Bardot quiffs and a Betty Grable ‘peek-a-boo’ updo style. After the great introductory to curling hair and learning about different hairstyles in the Introductory workshop, the second workshop was a more practical and thorough opportunity for everyone to perfect their skills and recreate the different looks that most appealed to them. If you are looking at doing the first class, unless you are definitely not interested in creating vintage hairstyles, I would recommend doing both classes if you can!

Just as a classy and elegant woman of the mid century would possess, I really admired the wise words and lessons Headmistress Chrissy  instilled throughout the workshop on matters of beauty, fashion and grace. Chrissy encouraged the importance of being kind and how to give and receive compliments. She also stressed the underlying importance that when it came to make up,  not only should it be striking, but to always keep it simple, easy and quick (after all, busy women in the forties did not have the time or the money to spend simply on their looks!). It was refreshing to hear Headmistress Chrissy give beauty advice that was honest but also based on a much more minimalistic approach than we are used to hearing in modern times. Above all, through her advice and knowledge shared, Headmistress Chrissy and her assistants always stayed true to the times they described and spoke of being appreciative of the women in previous decades who managed to create these very same looks using such limited resources.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. It was fantastic seeing a class containing such a wide variety of individuals in terms of age (13 to 50+) and appearance, and how everyone in the room came together through their appreciation of vintage style! Many ladies attended the workshops alone, and everyone in the class was genuinely friendly and supportive of eachother. It was also such a pleasant surprise to see everyone’s end results and how perfectly suited and striking everyone in the room looked once they were transformed by the magic of vintage styling! The most popular accessory I saw all the ladies leaving the workshops with that day was not bouncy pin curls or perfect red pouts, but big smiles, straight backs and confidence!

The lovely Heather showing off her gorgeous vintage inspired look!

The lovely Heather showing off her gorgeous vintage inspired look!

*To all the lovely ladies that attended the same workshops as me on 9th November 2013, you can find all the photos I took from the day on my Facebook page:

I highly recommend The Lindy Charm School for Girls as a truly fabulous treat for women of all ages. The workshops make for a fun filled and engaging experience, a perfect idea for a hen’s night, special birthday, or even as a treat for yourself!

If you or someone you know would like to book in for an upcoming event, the next Melbourne Vintage Styling Workshop will take place on Saturday, 15th March. (click the links for bookings and more information). In addition, the very first Mother and Daughter Charm School, running on Sunday, 16th March will highlight etiquette, poise and posture and allows for mothers to book a spot in to the workshop and bring their daughters for free! The Lindy Charm School has also announced their latest collaboration with Fossil Vintage to announce the launch of their very first ‘In Styling Night‘, a private shopping night and Vintage Styling event on Friday, 14th March, held exclusively inside the Fossil Vintage Warehouse. Shop til your pin curls drop with a grand selection of their quality wholesale vintage garments on sale as well as getting the opportunity to receive personal styling advice and beauty and hair demonstrations from Miss Chrissy and the girls of The Lindy Charm School.

See the flyers below for more details of the mentioned upcoming events or for a full listing of future workshops and events held around Australia, Head to The Lindy Charm School for Girls website to find out more information or sign up for an upcoming workshop being held in your area!

Melbourne Vintage Styling Workshop

Mother and Daughter Charm School

Fossil Vintage In Styling Night

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Natio End of Year Warehouse Sale

Natio Warehouse Sale Melbourne

Natio Warehouse Sale Melbourne. Image Via.

The Natio Head Office in Heidelberg West is opening its doors for one last Warehouse Sale for the year this weekend! Open today, Friday 13th and Saturday 14 December from 9am-3pm.

Natio produce a great selection of mineral make-up, nail polishes and gift packs and always feature the best berry shades in their cosmetic collections. I am also a big fan of their illuminators and eye brighteners, not to mention that their men’s skincare range has a loyal following by many Melbourne men!

At the Natio Warehouse Sale you will find a range of current and discontinued Natio skincare, cosmetics, men’s, bath and body products and gift packs all up to 70% off RRP!

Natio Warehouse Sale


13-14th December

110 Dougharty Road, Heidelberg West VIC 3081

Payment by cash, visa, MasterCard and Eftpos.

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Ask Melbourne Darling: Where can I find the best wedding shoes?

Dear Melbourne Darling,

Where can I find the best wedding shoes?

(I’m looking for something metallic/silver?)

My main advice when shopping for bridal shoes is to invest some time to look around as many different stores as you can. Even if some stores are not ones you would typically  think of for bridal shoes. I recommend trying on as many styles as you can as. This will quickly help you determine which styles you like and which suit you, especially since many shoe styles can look dramatically different sitting on a shelf  opposed to when they are worn on the foot.

As always, the style of shoe is dependent on the style of the dress, so I am going to make some general shopping suggestions to help any bride to be (and bridal party) to help with your shoe hunt for the big day.


  • David Jones and Myer – Bourke St

These department stores are a great place to start off with, especially to get a feel for the different types of styles and designers available. I recommend the city locations as the flagship stores tend to have the biggest and best selection available in comparison to their suburban counterparts, although Chadstone and Highpoint are your second best locations.

  • Miss Louise

The go-to place in Melbourne for a wonderful selection designer shoes. A fancy little spot showcasing a stunning selection of  high designer heels.

Swarovski Crystal Sandals Nude By Giuseppe Zanotti. View Online

Swarovski Crystal Sandals Nude By Giuseppe Zanotti. View Online

Shop G4, The Westin/205 Collins St,  Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9654 7730


View shoe selection online

  • Hermanns

Hermanns are the sole distributors of Stuart Weitzman, Edward Meller and own the Giallo stores with most locations in the CBD, Chadstone or David Jones. (Edward Meller and Giallo are a bit too casual but Stuart Weitzman do feature a few ultra-modern and fashion forward designs. So if you like their styles online, I’d suggest visiting a retail store)

Stuart Weitzman for Hermanns

Asteroid Shoes by Stuart Weitzman (used in the stage production of Cinderella) Image Via

Asteroid Shoes by Stuart Weitzman (used in the stage production of Cinderella) View Online

Chadstone Shopping Centre and

175 Collins Street,

Melbourne, 3000.

Phone: (03) 9522 9709

  • Loula

149 Toorak Road,

South Yarra, VIC 3141, Australia

Phone no: + 61 3 9820 8006

  • Dolci Firme

162 Collins Street

Melbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: (03) 9650 1522


299 Toorak Road

South Yarra 3141 VIC

Phone: (03) 9827 2166




  • The Iconic

Offers a wide selection of shoes to choose from as well as free overnight shipping for all orders over $50 and free returns for 100 days.  For bridal heels specifically in silver and metallic, I’d have a look at the following selection of strappy silver heels:

and take a look at these beautiful silver Guess heels:

Hilonas by Guess. Image Via

Hilonas by Guess.  View Online 








As well as these metallic Verali heels:

Gill by Verali. View Online











  • Cinderella Bella

(This business used to have a great store in Melbourne for designer bridal shoes, but operate through their online store only. While their selection has dramatically decreased, if you’re lucky you might find a suitable style from the limited sale items that remain on their site.)


I also found these two styles by Jimmy Choo from the Jimmy Choo Australia website to be a steal of a price and a gorgeous style for a  fun, stylish and modern bride:

Silver Glitter Leather Sandals by Jimmy Choo. View Online

Silver Glitter Leather Sandals by Jimmy Choo. View Online 













  • Panache Bridal Shoes Australia

A more traditional selection of bridal shoes




Finding you’re not happy with the selection of heels you come across on the shop floor or have your heart set on a particular style you haven’t been able to find? A pair of custom heels for your special day could be your best way to go. You may even find that a custom pair are not as expensive as you’d think.

  • Novat Shoes

Don’t be disheartened by their limited, more traditional and slightly dated styles online, be sure to check out their retail store in Thornbury as only a small selection of the styles they hold are featured online. It’s also worth the visit to ask about their custom shoe design service.

594 High St

Thornbury 3071

Phone: (03) 9484 5736

Mob: 0438 319 258 -Bianca Novat


  • Shoes of Prey

Online custom shoe store where you get to play the part of shoe designer and  be as creative as you wish. Whip-up your own design from your computer and have them delivered straight to your door.




Often overlooked because they are not your typical bridal shoe stores, an offering from the high street may pleasantly surprise you. Links to each website provided below, where you will be able to find information on your most convenient store location:







My suggested itinerary would be to make the city your first stop, as it’s the best place get a feel for the types of styles available and the designs you like.

Start off at David Jones and Myer then head to Miss Louise and Stuart Weitzman then while you are still in the city, make a stop to the high street brand stores as they are alllocated fairly close to each other.

From there you can head to the Preston / Thornbury area to visit Novat shoes (check out their store or look at their custom made options) and then to the Tony Bianco outlet, Diana Ferrari and Florsheim outlet. That way, when you’re ready to look online you would have already tried on a number of paris which will help you make it easier to distinguish which styles would suit you when browsing online.

Happy Shopping!

Melbourne Darling xo

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Melissa Shoes Warehouse Sale: This Weekend!

The quirky Brazilian footwear brand iconic for their playful and fashion forward plastic shoe designs and their designer collaborations with Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jason Wu and Karl Lagerfield, is now offering a massive warehouse sale that’s bound to be a plastic paradise! Stocked with previous season collections and one-off samples, as well as jelly shoes from Melissa’s little sister brand, Mel ‘dreamed by Melissa’ all up to 75% off.

If you have had your heart set on these bubble-gum scented beauties, this is a sale not to be missed!






    WHERE: 289 Geelong Road, Kingsville, Melbourne

    WHEN: Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September. 10am – 4pm.





If you have yet to become acquainted with this unique footwear brand, you can visit their flagship Melbourne store ‘M Dreams’ located in the QV building. They have a fantastic selection of summer shoes that are as comfortable to wear as they are gorgeous to look at.

My favourites at the moment are the multi coloured ‘Aranha Hits’ jelly sandals and ‘Peace III’ t-bar, peep-toe and towering wedge all in one; what more does a girl need in a perfect summer shoe? My pick is for the nude or white gloss but any of these classic colours could see you through a summer of different outfits!





Check out Melissa’s Karl Lagerfield Glitter Ice Cream  heels ‘KL Incense’ I tried on the other day, now these are some seriously fun summer party shoes!






For more information head to or


Melbourne Darling xo

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Lulumon Athletica’s Melbourne Warehouse Sale

Calling all Gym Bunnys and Sweaty Bettys!

If your exercise wardrobe has had its own workout this winter, now is a great opportunity to stock up on all your favourite comfy yoga clothes and stylish exercise gear at the Lulumon Athletica‘s Warehouse Sale!

Where: Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (Bay 1 &2), 2 Clarendon St, South Wharf, Melbourne.

When:  Thursday, 5 September (10am – 6pm)
Friday, 6 September (10am – 8pm)
Saturday, 7 September (10am – 6pm)
Sunday, 8 September (10am – 5pm)

Lululemon Athletica Melbourne Warhouse Sale

See Lulumon Anthletica’s blog page for more details and keep updated by joining the event on Facebook here

Now theres a reason to give those shopping arms a workout!


Melbourne Darling xo

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