DJB World Photography – Melbourne Photography Walk ‘Laneways, Rooftops and Street Art’ Review

Looking for a unique and interactive way to discover and explore some of the overlooked areas within the city of Melbourne whilst brushing up on your photography skills? DJB World Photography offers a fun way to discover and appreciate the quirky, colourful city of Melbourne through the lens of a camera for photography beginners. Let me assure you that I am probably the best example of an absolute beginner photographer, I can barely work out the number of automatic camera settings and functions on my camera let alone dare to brave the switch on my camera dial from automatic to manual. However, DJB Photography School aims to help its students do exactly that, offering a casual introduction to what could be the start of your new love for photography. DJB World Photography runs a number of different Melbourne photography walks and I attended the two hour sphotography walk ‘Laneways, Rooftops and Street Art’.

DJB World Photography Melbourne Photography Walk

DJB World Photography Melbourne Photography Walk

The session was run for two hours on Sunday afternoons in a small size group (eight people maximum). My session was led by the ever knowledgeable Rachael. Upon joining the group of attendees at the designated meeting spot on a Sunday afternoon, I was at first a little intimidated seeing the rest of their group with their serious photography gear, SLR cameras and big lenses. However, attendees are invited to bring whatever camera and photography gear they feel comfortable using. You can simply choose to bring along an iPhone if you wish and my Sony digital camera ended up doing the job perfectly!

We started off with an introduction on the manual settings, and the features of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and exposure levels, but keep in mind this was really the only time during the session we were taught about manual camera functions as this is not intended to be an instructed class about camera functions, but more of an introduction to manual settings and a guided tour focused on exploring different areas of Melbourne for creative photography. Although if you do have any questions about camera functions (as trust me, I had many!) Rachael, our guide was always more than happy to help. All of the locations we stopped at during the walk were perfectly selected as I found myself taking notes on where each was so I could come back and explore on my own. That being said, we were able to explore different areas at each stop at a very leisurely, relaxed pace and were never rushed to move on.

DJB World Photography Melbourne Photography Walk

DJB World Photography Melbourne Photography Walk

Whether you are looking to learn photography techniques, explore the often overlooked pockets of Melbourne’s CBD or meet new people, a DJB World Photography course offers an artistic new perspective on Melbourne city streets while allowing you to brush up on your photography skills.

For more information on DJB World Photography and the Melbourne Photography Walks on offer, visit the link below:

DJB World Photography- Melbourne Photography Walks

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and Melbourne Darling was not invited to attend the DJB World Photography walk as a guest. The opinions shared in this article are based completely on my own honest and personal views, thoughts and experiences.

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