N2 Extreme Gelato

At first, this fun little spot may seem like just a front of smoke and mirrors, which when liquid nitrogen comes in to play when used to churn the ice-cream, is quite literally, but one taste of their incredibly smooth gelato will tell you that is not the case here. I love a good theme, and N2 Extreme Gelato has hit the mark on kooky science lab perfectly. To put the look and feel of this place into perspective for you Melbournians, N2 Extreme Gelato looks like the love child of the Croft Institute and Trampoline. They are genuinely serious about their gelato and it is damn delicious. Don’t be disheartened by their small menu, which changes weekly, although if you’re after your regular order of lemon sorbet and chocolate or Neapolitan, you’ve come to the wrong place. Entering into this gelato laboratory may mean stepping out of your flavour comfort zone, but I believe in doing so you will not be disappointed. The selection of flavours vary from the fresh and fruity offerings such as pomegranate and mango  to the richer more decadent, and sometimes unexpected flavours such as Earl Grey Caramel, Strawberries and Cream, and my personal favourite – Crème brûlée! You’ll find that whatever flavour you choose, the end result is smooth and sumptuously soft without being too heavy or icy, due to the way they create their ice cream by churning their fresh ingredients with liquid nitrogen until frozen.

The fit out can be a little awkward for patrons in larger groups looking for seats as their seated areas simply consist of communal wooden pallets and a bed covered in AstroTurf. Not exactly the most comfortable or inviting seating areas, but I can imagine in the coming months this will be one awesome hangout on summer nights, situated right in the hipster heart of Brunswick street, Fitzroy. That said, it will be interesting to see how this compares to fellow Sydney based gelataria Messina which will also be opening its doors in Fitzroy this Spring. The venue features blackboard walls surfaced with all the information you need, written in their cheeky commentary:

1 scoop – $6

2 scoops – you don’t need it

Happiness – included (just like GST)

Sadness – go elsewhere

Opening Hours – 1pm – 11pm every effing day

The wait for your ice cream is most likely going to be a little longer than your usual ice creamery, but keep in mind this is all a part of the experience of visiting N2, as you get the opportunity to watch the gelato wizards in action, mixing and churning your gelato right in front of you, as each gelato is made to order and the result is fantastically fresh. Their experimental and creative flavour offering will keep you on your toes, so my only word of warning is not to get too emotionally attached to one flavour, as chances are it may not be on offer the next time you visit! However that being said, I say bring on the crazy new flavour experiments!

N2 Extreme Gelato – Creme Brulee

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